It’s the middle of summer, so regrettably there is very little SUJO ‘news’ to be updating the ‘latest news’ section of the website with. However, not wanting to disappoint avid fans of SUJO, I figured I’d write a bit about all of the committee members and publish it here in a sort of ‘introductions’ post.

Clare Melson – President

Clare is a third year Philosophy student who has played saxophone in SUJO for the past two years. Clare likes jazz music almost as much as she likes stationery (which is a lot), so as President she is hoping to combine these two passions and be the most organised, highlighter obsessed President SUJO has ever seen. Watch out world, apparently SUJO’s future is neon..

Kieran Potter – Treasurer

Kieran is a second year music student who plays every instrument ever, but brings his trombone to SUJO. Kieran successfully manages to divide his time between every auditioned uni music society, a part-time airport job, lectures, jesters and the pub. Given these exceptional powers of division, SUJO treasurer is a role Kieran could do in his sleep.. or will do half asleep? Either way, he is a crucial member of the SUJO team.

Mikey Jennings – Social Secretary

Mikey is a second year Physics and Astromony student, who plays bass trombone in SUJO. During SUJO’s tour to Montreux this year, Mikey shocked the band by revealing his hidden talent for lake swimming. We’re thankful that he’s decided to stay with SUJO this year rather than pursue a career as a professional doggy-paddler, and are hoping his role as social secretary will also go swimmingly.

Though not technically on Committee, as musical director Luke is crucial part of the SUJO team, so of course also deserves an introduction.

Luke Montgomery – Musical Director

Luke is a second year student who studies Maths with a minor in Music. Luke plays alto saxophone in SUJO, but occasionally his prized clarinet makes an appearance which is always a highlight for any band or audience member. Though already incredibly talented, Luke’s role as Musical Director will allow him to further develop some invaluable skills, like score-reading, leading a band and the ability to accurately read a calendar. So long as he arrives to auditions on the correct weekend, we should be in for a good year…